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Upholstery cleaning is one of the most important services which should be done by a professional upholstery cleaning company. Note that, when given to someone without the right set of skills and experience, you may end up with disastrous results. Every homeowner should understand that debris removal and deep sanitation is not something that can be done using a vacuum. One needs to have both the expertise and all the equipment to get the job done in the right way. It, therefore, follows that you should only work with certified professionals and businesses.

Well, it’s still possible to deal with some simple stains and soils by yourself at home. However, this doesn’t mean you should take on anything more than the basic maintenance and cleaning. That should always be left for the professionals to avoid disastrous results. In most cases, due to lack of extensive training and the technical expertise, homeowners find it difficult to make deep, targeted treatment thereby causing mistakes and leaving behind worse soiling and staining that before. Don’t forget that the market tis full of different fabric compositions which are to be used and applied differently.

Let’s focus on how you can care and maintain your upholstery to prolong its life.

Whenever you’re treating anything, time is always important

First of all, this isn’t just about the fabrics. It’s always important that you act fast whenever your pet urinates on your sofa or that spilled glass of wine starts flowing over your sofa. The first step should be to blot the spilled wine with a layer of paper towels. A piece of dry cloth can also help. Immediately you notice one of your rambunctious kids making drawings on the curtains, act fast.

Most people tend to ignore some of these things not realizing that it only takes a couple of minutes and less than an hour for some of these substances to soak and adhere into the fabric’s fibers. Responding quickly can prevent permanent staining. Always blot out as much of the solid or liquid as possible before applying a mild detergent and some water to remove the staining.

Understand there are different types of stains and need to be handled differently

The way you handle an oil-based stains will be quite different from a water-based stain. Since oil can’t mix with water, it’s not a good idea to use water to remove the stain. This will instead allow the stain to spread more. The bottom line is that you should be careful to know the type of stain you’re dealing with and find the best way to remove it without causing more problems.

It’s recommended to vacuum the fabric, when treating furniture, before you scrub or wet it.

A chair or sofa that hasn’t been taken care of properly is more likely to be covered in small particles of soil, dust and grit. The fact that you can’t see them doesn’t mean the sofa is clean. If you don’t remove these soils before rubbing the fabrics or applying moisture, you might end up pushing them deep into the fabric or even damaging the fibers. It’s important to vacuum before you start rubbing the fabrics, especially when dealing with leather.

If these upholstery cleaning tips don’t seem to be working for you, consider hiring a certified treatment technician for help. If you’re in Queensland, you can contact Carpet Cleaning Ipswich & they will get get your upholstery cleaning issues taken care of.