Carpet Cleaning Standards

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When you’re a home owner, or business owner, it’s very important to have your place presented in the best possible light.  Not only can it be aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also much better for the health of you, your family & your work colleagues.

So part of the process of keeping your place looking its best would be to have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis.  The amount of bacteria and germs that are ingrained in your carpet can be quite abundant, you would be disgusted if you could get a microscopic view of the contaminant that are buried deep in your carpet.

There are several different methods for having your carpets cleaned.  And you can also opt to hire a carpet cleaning machine from your local supermarket, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  You can have a professional carpet cleaning technician visit Your home to assist with this task.


So here are the different methods for Carpet Cleaning.


We have the hot water extraction method which is also known as steam carpet cleaning.  it uses high-pressured hot water to agitate carpet fibres and to dissolve the dirt inside the carpet.


There’s also the carpet shampooing method which used to be very popular before the early 19 70s however it has been found that it does not fully clean heavily soiled carpet and leaves behind a massive amount of residue inside the carpet.


Since the early 1980’s another method has become very popular in carpet cleaning.  Dry carpet cleaning uses the application of cleaning powders into the bottom of the carpet using a counter rotating brush machine which will help to open up the carpet fibres and allow the compound to settle down at the base of the carpet fibres which helps give a deep thorough clean.


Something that is also very important to note in the Australian carpet cleaning industry is that it is unregulated.   This means that there are many scrupulous operators out there who do not guarantee the quality of their work.  I would suggest to anybody that is looking for a reputable carpet cleaner in their local area to visit the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute website to find out more information about how to find a good carpet cleaner